Return and Refund Policy

Last updated: September 08, 2022

Expiration, Cancellation and Termination

The Card issued to you is valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance.

Once Card is issued successfully it can not be cancelled or refunded

The Card will expire on the expiration date mentioned on the Card.

We may cancel or suspend usage of the Card immediately upon:
  • the Card holder intimating the loss, of card.
  • there is no balance in the Card for a period of 90 days,
  • any breach of terms and conditions by the Card holder,
  • upon specific request from the corporate to cancellation or suspension ofthe Card,
  • Bank is unable or otherwise prevented from processing payments in relation to the Card for reasons beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to restrictions imposed by law or regulation.
  • the request of statuatory Regulatory or Issuer

Card Balance

(Card Balance) the Card holder may utilize the Card Balance by due and proper use of the Card, in accordance with these Terms. No interest is payable to the Cardholder. The Card holder is advised to transact for requisite amount of purchase/ availing services including applicable charges otherwise the transaction may not be honored.

(Irregularities) The Cardholder will inform us for any irregularities or discrepancies that exist in the transaction details at a merchant establishment within 30 days of the transaction processed. If no such notice is received during this time, we will assume the correctness of the transaction.

Unutilized balance after expiry will not be Refunded to user in any case

Refunds only apply to Card Transactions where Marchant May cancel the transaction on behalf of Customer or Issuer.

(Responsibility) Neither issuer nor The Company shall in any manner be responsible for any disputes regarding goods and services received by the Card holder including the quality, value, warranty, delay of delivery, non delivery, non receipt of any goods or services. It must be clearly understood that the Card is only facility to the Cardholder to avail facilities and the YES Bank holds out no warranty or makes no representation about quality, quantity, value, delivery or otherwise, howsoever regarding goods or services, and any such disputes should be resolved by the Card holder with the merchant directly.

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